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Larger self-steering chippers, Shredlage chippings and larger distances call for larger silage wagons. KAWECO's solution: the RADIUM 55 and 60. With its 47m3-content the KAWECO RADIUM 55 is one of the largest wagons in the market, offering all the crucial advantages of the RADIUM 45 & 50.

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The enormous volume of a RADIUM 55 places a considerable burden on the undercarriage. To manage this, the RADIUM 55 is fitted out with hydraulic axle suspension and rigid control. The hydraulic axle suspension is fitted out with a load-dependent two-chamber nitrogen suspension system. This suspension provides an optimum balance between load, suspension travel and speed, which creates ideal driving properties. The broad axle base, which is standard, allows for mounting the tyres up to a height of 1500 mm without exceeding 4 meters.

The superstructure

The RADIUM was the first silage wagon with a conical superstructure: the rear is 6 cm wider than the front. This guarantees a good unloading process, no matter which silage product has to be unloaded. The conveyor floor, chains and side walls are all galvanizes for the longest possible reliable life. By fully welding the side posts we create a very lightweight yet stable side wall.

Front wall

The front wall of the silage has been made from a grid plate, so that driver has a perfect view of the loading process of the wagon. The top part of the front wall can be lowered hydraulically, which makes the loading easier during the mowing of a new corn field. An alternative solution for the fast and easy mowing of a new corn field is the tipping RADIUM series; this version makes it easy to follow the chipper backwards


The tailgate has mechanical transport protection to ensure safe transport. Hydraulic cylinders first lift the tailgate vertically so that it is released, after which it can be opened.

Conveyor belt

All RADIUM silage wagons are equipped with 4 strong and durable belts that are driven by a central drive in the middle of the transport floor. The belt and central drive make for easy, fast and reliable unloading. The no-maintenance floor belt is placed between the chassis and the superstructure, so that it is protected optimally. Wagons without silage beaters have a hydraulic drive, wagons with silage beaters are equipped with a mechanical drive. The drive housing is protected by a sturdy protective hood. The silage beaters are also mechanically driven and they are linked through a chain transmission. Automatic chain tensioners ensure the perfect chain tension at all times.

Silage beaters

The RADIUM silage wagons can also be fitted out with silage beaters, which ensure an equal distribution of the silage product over your silo. Thanks to the equal distribution over the complete length of your silo, you will need less time to level the silo with the shovel/tractor.This results in a higher silage quality and a higher capacity of your chipper.

Aangedreven assen

Thanks to the very stable construction method of the undercarriage your RADIUM can be equipped with driven axles. In the most extreme cases up to 9,000 additional traction power can be transferred to the chassis.

Both a mechanical and a hydraulic drive are possible. The mechanical drive will provide tractive power in all conditions, and will continue to run for as long as the tractor provides power. It is also possible to realize a longitudinal or cross beam. To guarantee the safety of the system and the driver, KAWECO uses a coupling that can be switched on and off. This ensures that in any situation the drive can be uncoupled.

The hydraulic drive uses special hub motors that are driven directly during road transport. This reduced the resistance and as such the fuel consumption during transport. In addition, a hydraulic drive offers fully stepless regulation, to a maximum speed of approx. 12 km/h, depending on the wheel height.

Whichever drive option you choose, the savings will amaze you. Less fuel consumption thanks to a more balances distribution of power, both in heavier conditions in the field and on the silage. No additional tow tractors are necessary in case of heavier conditions in field or higher silos. Unloading on the silage at all times, which means no redundant silage will have to shoved against the silo, leaving you with more time for the distribution and levelling of the silos.

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