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The DOUBLE TWIN SHIFT slurry tanker is the most professional way of injecting slurry. The DOUBLE TWIN SHIFT slurry tankers make themselves indispensable thanks to their enormous volume, big filling capacity, high holding capacity, manoeuvrability, and their well developed undercarriage.

With a volume of 14,000 or 16,000 litres, KAWECO manufactures the largest single-axle tanker available in the market. Thanks to the undercarriage the soil pressure can be kept very low, despite the large volume of the tanker. KAWECO is the inventor of the DOUBLE TWIN SHIFT undercarriage which has 4 large tractor wheels in a single row. This gives the tanker the manoeuvrability of a single-axle slurry tanker, while it has the load capacity of a tandem axle tanker. This unique undercarriage means that injecting requires a significantly lower soil pressure than a self-propelled machine. This means you can start your work earlier in the year, and continue for a longer period than a self propelled machine, even in bad weather. Another major benefit of the DOUBLE TWIN SHIFT is that your tractor can also be used for other activities, compared to a self-propelled machine, which is not operational for at least 6 months a year.

KAWECO DOUBLE TWIN, many wheels make light work!

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The DOUBLE TWIN SHIFT undercarriage

The KAWECO DOUBLE TWIN SHIFT undercarriage has four large wheels in a single row. The outer wheels can be moved further outside of the machine. This creates an even track of the tanker and the tractor without driving over the same track multiple times. Thanks to this unique construction the soil life suffers minimum, and the drainage of the soil is kept optimal. This results in fewer puddles in the field, no tracks, being able to start injecting sooner in the year etc. The stable, extendible profiles are provided with synthetic sliding strips, which makes the system very user-friendly. The wheels have hydraulic suspension, which provides the perfect fit with the contours of the field, as well as a balanced distribution of the weight divided over the 4 wheels. On the road, the hydraulic suspension provides comfortable and stable driving properties. All wheels are braked for maximum safety.

Slurry route and cutting chamber

Every tanker of slurry needs to be filled before spreading. Throughout the entire process, the filling capacity mostly depends on the slurry route, i.e. on the position of the pump, the pipes and the cutting chamber. The KAWECO pump is always placed in a central position of the machine, centralized underneath the tanker. This results in the shortest possible slurry route with fewer unnecessary bends and a better distribution of the weight. If you wish to use the maximum pump capacity, the pipes need to be adjusted. This means that we always use 8" pipes to the suction side and maximum two 6" to the pressure side. If the pump capacity increases the pipes will adjust with it. This means that a 9.000 l/min pump comes with standard 10" suction pipes and 8" pressing pipes.

Lifting construction

All tankers from the DOUBLE TWIN SHIFT series are equipped with the heavy KAWECO Premium lifting construction. The lift is fully mounted to the chassis, so that there will be no traction on the tanker. The lifting cylinders are double-acting, which makes them adjustable both in terms of pressure and unloading, or even fully pressureless. Thanks to the standard operation of the lift at the back of the tanker and the link hooks to the lift bars, the linking of the slurry is very simple.

Pumps and slurry arms

To unburden the driver, KAWECO offers a broad selection of slurry arms for the DOUBLE TWIN Shift. Each slurry arm is preferably placed to the right-hand side of the tanker, to create the shortest possible slurry route. In addition to the standard 8" lateral slurry arm, with cylinder-operated double slewing ring, KAWECO also offers many crane and swivel arm options. A valve is mounted to vent the slurry arm as soon as possible after the tanker has been filled with all the different appointed options. The slurry will flow back into the pit, with hardly any spilling. In most cases, KAWECO advises to install a maxifiller to be able to use maximum pump capacity. This maxifiller consists of a hydraulic driven vane wheel that presses the slurry into the suction pipe, which decreases the negative pressure on the pump side. The extra pump support offers many benefits that can be earned back fast. For example, the negative pressure is strongly reduced, meaning that the pump does not have to suck up the slurry as intensely. This will improve the machine's lifespan, because parts that will wear, i.e. bearings, rotor and seals will not be used as intensely.

Slurry dosing

To guarantee perfect dosing, all DOUBLE TWIN tankers are equipped with a BY-PASS dosing system. This system guarantees perfect dosing, by working with a flow meter. An upright pipe measures the amount of slurry pumped to the tanker. If this isn't the right amount, the BY-PASS valve on the other side of the underlying Y-piece opens or closes. The position of this dosing valve enters the computer as a percentage. During the turning on the headland, the 3-way valve at the back of the tanker switches. When the next job has begun, the tanker can be filled with slurry straight away, meaning that slurry will come from the outlets straight away.

During the filling of the tank the dosing valve opens fully, causing that at the pressing side of the pump an extension takes place to two 6" pipes. This lowers the resistance to the pressing side, which increases the filling capacity.

KAWECO operation

All DOUBLE TWIN shift tankers operate via KAWECO premium control. This control offers many options in a convenient panel. All panels are equipped with a multifunctional joystick with 24 functions and a 5,7" Basic Terminal. As an option, we offer an 8" or an 11" Touch Terminal.

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