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PROFI I-Series

The KAWECO PROFI I tankers stand out because of their light, yet stable construction. The tankers can easily be fitted out with a dribble bar spreader with a working width up to 15m. Thanks to the modular set-up the tankers are easy to adjust according to your needs.


Net contents [L]: Tandem 14,400, 16,200, 17,600
Undercarriage: Roll-over Buggy
Control system: Rear axle lagging control (rigid control is optional)
Axle base [mm]: 14,400 L = 1,700 mm. 16,200 & 17,600 = 1,810 mm.

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Be ready for the future

All PROFI I tankers are mechanically able to to fit an additional dribble bar injector. This means that you are always ready for the future. Thanks to the stable construction of the tanker, the injector (trailing shoe or dribble bar) can be upgraded to a maximum working width of 15m.

Tanker and chassis

Integrating the undercarriage with the tanker decreases the tare weight while at the same it increasing the stability of the machine. Thanks to the double wheel arches, the axles can be mounted on top of the spring assembly of the buggy. This results in a low centre of gravity and a maximum height of 3.25m (with a tyre size of 750/60R30.5). For optimum protection the tanker undergoes a special treatment. The tanker gets covered with a zinc layer (galvanization). To be able to spray the zinc layer properly, it gets thoroughly sanded first. This treatment results in a tanker protection that will be corrosion-proof for years and that is easy to clean. An option is to spray the tanker in two different colours. The inside of the tanker is treated with a special epoxy resin. Thanks to its thickness and flexibility the tanker is better able to withstand collisions with heavier objects.


The very narrow drawbar makes a PROFI I tanker very easy to manoeuvre. The tankers come with lagging control. When the tanker is fitted out with rigid control the steering cylinder is placed on the left, next to the drawbar. Because of the crash protection the maximum steering angle is limited. The system is installed to protect the steering cylinder.

The coupling height can be changed and set with the extra holes in the brace. As an option, this brace is fitted with hydraulic drawbar suspension, which results in greater comfort.

Pumps and slurry route with PTW tankers

The PROFI I tankers are available as vacuum (VC version) and as displacement pump (PTW version) tankers.

By default, the PTW tankers are delivered with a Vogelsang VX186-184Q pump. This pump delivers 4.266 l/min at 600rpm. Thanks to a unique slanted plate in front of the entry of the pump any contamination will be caught in between the two rotors. This results in less damage to the lobes and the casing of the pump. Click here to see a video from Vogelsang Injection System. As an option we have a Vogelsang VX186-260Q pump with a capacity of 6,000l/min at 600rpm available.

To guarantee a high degree of operational reliability and high pump capacity the PTW models come with a standard special pump chamber. This is mounted before the pump and guarantees a minimum amount of slurry in the intake range of the pump. Thanks to the continuous filling of the pump it can never run dry and will never reach a negative pressure. This will increase the capacity of the pump and reduce wear.

Pumps and slurry route with VC tankers

All KAWECO DOUBLE TWIN tankers come with high-grade BP vacuum pumps by default. The standard pumps have a compressor capacity of 13,500 L/min. This capacity can be achieved because of the rotor with 4 slanted rotor blades. The blades are cooled and lubricated by a drip oil pump. To improve the cooling the pump is equipped with standard direct air injection. This way the tanker is able to constantly keep the cooling capacity at the desired level. If the machine stops a special valve in the pump will preserve the vacuum. Click here to see a video about video the Battioni Pagani Ballast pumps


New in our product range:

The PROFI I CARGO VC 26m3, especially designed for slurry transporting. The CARGO can be equipped with several specific options for transporting slurry in the most efficient way. For instance:

  • Maxifiller mounted under vessel
  • Filling opening
  • Docking-arm

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