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The PROFI II tankers are characterized by their unique modular construction. This means that the PROFI II can be equipped with simple technology for everyday tasks ranging to automated functions for intense use. All PROFI II tankers are sophisticated and equiped with practical options that make your work easier. Whether you are looking for a vacuum tanker with a pendulum slurry spreader or a tanker with a fully automated delivery regulation for slurry injection: the PROFI II tankers can meet any need!

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Net contents [L]: Single axle 8,200, 10,500 and 12,000. Tandem 11,500, 12,500, 14,000, 16,200, 17,900, 19,900 Tridem 22,900
Undercarriage: Roll-over Buggy up to 18.000 L, Hydraulic axle suspension from 20,000 L
Control system: Rear axles lagging control up to 18,000 L, rigid control from 20,000 L
Axle base [mm]: 1,700 to 14,000 L, 1,810 from 16,200 L

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The PROFI II construction method

KAWECO always aims for greater reliability and optimum efficiency. This shows in the special construction of the PROFI II tank, in the chassis and in the drawbar. The large single wheel arch and the integrated modular chassis make the production process of the tanks easier. Both the VC (vacuum) and the PTW (pump tanker) models are made of the same construction.

Unique drawbar

Slender, stable and well tought: this sums up the benefits of the PROFI II drawbar. Created to guarantee a maximum steering angle in any condition. Thanks to the unique construction method for tankers with rigid control, the steering angle doesn't get affected by the presence of a steering cylinder. The construction can be easily set on any possible tyre size, axle base and tractor type.

Modular built

Are you changing your tasks? No problem. Thanks to the modular construction, the PROFI II tankers adjust easily. The slurry arm, the cutting chamber or the lifting device? Everything is easy to replace, meaning your machine will last you for years!

Well developed slurry route

Throughout the entire process, from filling the tank till spreading the slurry, the pump capacity is crucial. A large slurry pump can make a big difference making sure that the slurry reaches the pump in time. Thanks to our many years of experience we fully optimised this aspect at KAWECO. The pump will always be the centre of attention. All PROFI II PTW tankers have a mechanically driven pump built in the centre of the bottom of the tank. Filling and emptying the tank takes place on the right side of the driving direction of the tank. The left-hand side is used as a pressing side so you can enter the tanker directly via the bypass valve when filling. Thanks to this construction the slurry route is very short and has just a few angled bends. This means that the pump has a maximum entrance for slurry at all times.

Lifting construction

When working with a larger working width or when the slurry must be injected, a solid lifting construction is required. KAWECO offers the right solution for every tank in the PROFI II series. For perfect distribution of slurry KAWECO developed a three-point lifting construction with double-acting lifting cylinders and pressure regulation.

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