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Swan neck tandem and tridem

Years of collaboration pay off: In close collaboration with CLAAS, KAWECO developed a swan neck for demanding customers who focus on capacity and quality. KAWECO swan neck tankers have proven their worth multiple times over the past two decades, both as DOUBLE TWIN SHIFT, and in double-axle triple-axle versions

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The swan neck

Thanks to its unique build, the XERION TRAC and TRAC VC offer many possible uses within your company. The flexibility you need at all times. By placing a K110 coupling right in front of the rear axle an optimum distribution of weight is created, while the flexibility of a towed slurry tanker continues to be guaranteed. Thanks to the two-chamber system in the tanker, the maximum drawbar load is maintained for as long as possible. The swan neck tankers can be (dis)assembled within 10 minutes.

In addition to a better distribution of weight, the swan neck offers tremendous manoeuvrability, as it can be turned more than 90 degrees relative to the tractor. This means you can inject slurry without an increase headland track.

Unique construction

All swan neck tankers are built according to the same technology. The tanker and chassis are constructed simultaneously, so that a single self-supporting construction is created. This construction method allows for the full capacity of the XERION to be transferred to the slurry. In addition to this important strength, the integrated chassis also makes for a lower build, which increases the stability of the tanker. To lower the rolling resistance and the soil pressure, it is possible to fit out the tankers with tyres to a height of 1,800 mm without affecting the maximum steering angle.

The choice of pump systems

The swan neck tankers are fitted out with two pumps. The type of pump to be used, will be depend on the user. For example, the tanker can be equipped with a Turbo crane arm including a 14,000 l/min centrifugal pump for filling and second centrifugal pump for spreading the slurry. Instead of the second centrifugal pump it is also possible to install a displacement pump for spreading and filling via a normal suction hose. The latter option is a central 9,000 l/min displacement pump that can be used both for filling and spreading.

Lifting construction

The 3-way lifting construction cat. III offers many options for add-ons. With a dynamic lifting power of 5 t. almost any slurry spreader can be installed. The lift can be set in terms of load, so that a spreader can be relieved or pressed.

Possible configurations double-axles and triple-axle swan neck tank:
- Arable injector, disc harrow, strip, till and grassland slurry
- Bomech Multi trailing shoe slurry up to 24/30 m
- Vogelsang Compax trailing band slurry 27/36 m

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