KAWECO KW 25-27 wheel loader

After several years of the ‘old’ model in the product range, KAWECO presents a completely renewed wheel loaderl. A 100% KAWECO machine that is developed and produced in-house.

The machine is characterized by its large lifting capacity and high tipping load compared to competing brands. In addition, efficiency is an important feature of the KW25-27. For example, the working rpm during normal operation is around 1500 rpm. Besides fuel savings this results in less noise and therefore more working comfort. The KAWECO shovels are used by government agencies, in garden and landscape technology, in infrastructure, at riding stables and above all in agricultural enterprises. The stable and powerful construction makes the shovel an ideal aid for every job. This way a KAWECO shovel delivers added value to your company!


To meet the current emission requirements, the KW25-27 is equipped with a Yanmar Stage V engine with Diesel Particle Filter (DPF). The engine provides a flat torque curve, which means there is enough power available at any engine speed.


The hydrostatic four-wheel drive enables a maximum towing capacity of 2300 kilograms. With the so-called ‘Automotive ECO-Drive’, sufficient working hydraulics are supplied at the lowest possible engine speed. This results in: fuel savings, less wear and less noise. The standard 51 litre hydraulic pump ensures there is always sufficient oil supply.


Safety and comfort, that’s what a cab is supposed to provide. The “open roof” design of the KW25-27 preserves the view of the boom when it is in the high position. A folding roof is also available as an option to provide access to low passages. Furthermore, the flat cab floor gives the operator plenty of space and comfort while working. As a standard, the cabs can be tilted sideways, providing perfect access to certain components for servicing.

KW25-27 Options

Mechanically operated by joystick or valve

Pressure-free return at the front of the boom.

Giant connector

Weidemann connector

Instead of Headguard

2 in rear

2 in Front

Approval on the Dutch road.

Approval on the German road.

KW25-27 tyres

390 mm wide, Ø800 mm
machine width: 1,336 mm

Tractor profile 390 mm wide, Ø800 mm
Machine width: 1,336 mm

Lawn profile 405 mm wide, Ø810 mm
Machine width: 1,347 mm

Tractor profile 425 mm wide, Ø900 mm

Lawn profile 425 mm wide, Ø900 mm

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