KAWECO, manufacturer of slurry tankers, injectors, silage wagons and wheel loaders, is launching a completely new slurry tanker on the market: the PROFI III Gen. 2. The highlight of this machine is the self-priming centrifugal pump that has been developed entirely in-house. The PROFI III Gen. 2 will be on display for the general public first at Agritechnica.


Years of experience in slurry technology and a forward-looking view of the future created KAWECO’s desire for a pump system with high capacity and low wear and tear. A self-priming centrifugal pump soon proved to be the best solution. This does not require an additional vacuum or rotary lobe pump to supply the centrifugal pump with slurry. In short: a self-contained system without the use of an additional pump. In addition, it was desirable to reduce the number of tank series, making the product range for the
end customer more clear. Partly because of this, it was decided to merge the Turbotank with the current PROFI III series into one machine: the PROFI III Gen. 2. Together, the Turbotank and PROFI III have become a new designed tanker for users demanding the highest capacity.


The tank is constructed from an integrated chassis. The result is a low centre of gravity and therefore great stability. With a lifting capacity of 9 tonnes, even the heaviest spreaders can be atached. Fitting large tyres is no problem either.


The steering of the axle(s) is done by the so-called gyroscope steering. This is an electro-hydraulic steering system that does not require a steering rod to measure the angle between the tractor and
the tanker. Alignment as with a traditional steering system is not required here.

Cutting device

Unique is the possibility of a cutting device in combination with the centrifugal pump. Heavy, unwanted objects will sink into the cutting device during the filling process and grass or straw residues will be cut. This keeps the slurry ‘clean’ and reduces delays caused by blockages in the slurry distributor or slurry hoses of the injector.


Besides the current 28 m3 variant of the PROFI III Gen. 2, other variants will follow in the near future. In the tandem segment, there will be a 20 m3 tanker with 800/60R32 tyres and a 23 m3 tanker with 900/70R38 tyres. Several variants will also come in the three-axle segment.

At the Agritechnica in Hannover, the PROFI III Gen. 2 will be presented for the first time. The KAWECO
team will be happy to meet you at stand C30 in hall 22.