Since the introduction of the CLAAS XERION in 1993, KAWECO has been a slurry technology partner. The first XERIONs were equipped with a KAWECO tanker with front- unit and successfully used as self-propeled applicator. After the introduction of the XERION 3300, KAWECO started to focus on the production of gooseneck tankers for the XERION TRAC VC. In both the Netherlands, England and Germany, the gooseneck tank is a well-known concept.
Since the introduction of the DOUBLE TWIN SHIFT gooseneck, the production number has more than doubled. To complete the full XERION range, at the end of 2015 KAWECO developed its own poly-tanker for the XERION 4000 SADDLE TRAC. In order to save weight, the tank is constructed entirely of epoxy resin. This method of construction reduces the weight by 1,500 kg, allowing the effective capacity to be increased. In combination with a 9.000 l/min pump and a very well thought-out slurry route, KAWECO offers a self-propelled tanker with an extremely high capacity.

Maximum filling capacity

The 16,000-l tanker is equipped with 10” piping and in combination with the Vogelsang VX186-520QD 12.000 l/min rotary lobe pump (Optional) the tanker can be filled within 80 seconds.

A few important characteristics:

– Complete piping from the filling arm up to the rotary lobe pump is 10”  with a minimum number of bends. This is made possible thanks to a smart positioning of the pump. This also allows for the easy removal of the pump for maintenance using a pallet fork.

– The 10” maxi-filler in the filling arm of the front unit ensures that the slurry is pressed towards the pump. The positive result of this is increased capacity, smooth operation and longer life of the rotary lobe pump thanks to the lower negative pressure.


During filling, a stonecatcher with a capacity of 460L and an integrated cutting system ensures that stones are caught and that residual matter like hay and straw are shredded. This allows the slurry to flow through the pump and the distributor(s) effortlessly. The stone trap can be emptied hydraulically from the tractor cabin.

Maximum capacity

On the discharge side of the pump the 8” 3-way valve switches between circulating in the tanker and spreading. At the headland, the slurry is automatically circulated and is therefore immediately available again for the set application rate. During slurry application, the filling arm on the front unit is placed almost entirely behind a cabin column for optimal visibility.  This also gives an almost 100% view of the filling arm during filling. The filling arm can swivel 135º and has a pivot point both on top and at the bottom of the arm.

GFK tanker construction

The tanker is made from glass fiber reinforced plastic. This light, yet extremely strong construction allows for a tanker content of 16,000 l. A filling stop makes it possible to fill the tanker up to a pre-set value. The tank is relatively slim so that there is always a good view to the rear. The KAWECO XERION build-on tank is equipped as standard with 4 LED work lights and a beacon.

Perfect interaction between tanker and XERION

The Vogelsang rotary lobe pump is driven by the power hydraulics of the XERION. The KAWECO computer communicates directly with the CEBIS computer of the XERION and thus ensures an accurate and rapidly responding automatic dispersion. Thanks to the stepless hydraulic drive, it is possible to fill the tanker with minimum motor revs. During spreading, the motor revs can be adjusted to the required power. The result is a lower diesel consumption.

With the KAWECO operating system the main functions of the KAWECO-tanker construction (to be determined by the user) can be operated by means of the multifunctional gear lever from the XERION. The other functions are operated via the Müller terminal or the joystick with 24 functions.

Important benefits of the CLAAS XERION 4000 SADDLE TRAC

– Low soil pressure thanks to crab-steering with 900 mm-wide tires

– Rotatable hydraulic hitch for crab steer. Cat. III with 5.5 tons lifting capacity.

– 462 hp (340 kW) engine power – Stage V

– Tires up to 900/60R42 possible (diameter 2.15 meters)

– Powerful and efficient ZF Eccom stepless transmission

– A reliable CLAAS/KAWECO dealer network for optimum onsite support

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