Available options for KAWECO slurry tankers

There are many options you can choose from to adjust a KAWECO tanker to your specific demands. Below you can find some important options with a description of the construction and the options for later add-ons. If you have any questions, your KAWECO factory representative will be happy to answer them.

Two-compartment system

The two-compartment system consists of an extra slosh plate that is welded in the front section of the tanker. Over the extra plate a pipe is placed with a blind cover that connects the two compartments. The front compartment can be closed off from the rear compartment by means of a ball. When the tank is being filled, the ball will go up, as a result of which the entire tank will be filled. When it is being empties, the ball will fall into the hole, closing off the front compartment. This ensures an increase of the drawbar pressure and traction while spreading the slurry. If the level is too low, however, the slurry will gradually flow from the front to the rear compartment, and the tanker can be emptied entirely. A two compartment system is only available from factory with an ESP or PTW tank.

Filling opening on top of tanker with a hydraulic slide

Through a Filling opening at the top of the tanker it can easily be filled via an external pump system. The filling hole has a 600mm diameter and is operated by means of a double-acting cylinder. Thanks to the four bearings and the special cams on the filler valve it is pressed tightly into the rubber seal at the end of its cycle. This prevent any leakage. A hydraulic filling opening can always be installed on PROFI I and PROFI II tankers. In other models a choice must be made between preparation or in-factory assembly.

Top pressure cylinder

In addition to increasing the traction on the front wheels of the tractor, a top pressure cylinder also ensures more stable road-driving during transport. By placing the pivot of the cylinder close to the tractor it will always work in the direction of the tractor. This prevents extra sideways pressure on the traction when it takes a corner. It the tank is equipped with load-sensing hydraulics a special valve will ensure that the pressure in the top pressure cylinder will always stay around the predefined value. A modified top pressure cylinder can be supplied for PROFI II tankers. In other models a choice must be made between preparation or in-factory assembly.

KAWECO Maxi Cut Stonecatcher

A stonecatcher will prevent clogging and protects the rotary lobe pump against foreign objects. Thanks to the large size of the cutter, the slurry flow is slowed down, as a result of which heavy objects will be left at the bottom. Any feed or straw residue is cut up so small pieces by the hydraulic cutter. This way the slurry will pass effortlessly through the pump and the macerators. Every time the cutter is operated, it will change its rotary direction, so that the rotor plate will always remain spotlessly clean. The cutter blades have been preloaded by means of a spring and a nut on the hardox rotor plate. This way, they will be continuously sharpened, which guarantees their cutting capacity. For fast and easy emptying of the stone trap it is possible to hydraulically open the cutter door, as an option. A cutter can be supplied for the PROFI I and PROFI II. All PROFI III and DOUBLE TWIN SHIFT tankers come equipped with 8″ cutter. For the other models, you can choose for it to be prepared for the add-on or for an in-factory assembly.

Additional 3-way valve for pumping

By installing an extra, manually operated 3-way valve in the pressure line immediately behind the pump, the slurry pump can be used externally and the tank can be emptied easily. The 3-way valve is mechanically operated and it is supplied with a side connection and quick coupling. An additional 3-way valve is not available for PROFI I tankers.

KAWECO Docking arm

A docking arm makes it possible to easily fill the tank without having to leave the tractor. For this you will need a docking funnel, which is placed stationery next to a slurry silo or pit. The benefit of a docking arm is its limited weight and easy operation. The standard version of the docking arm has a range of approx. 1.5 meter outside of the tanker. At the end of the docking arm a hydraulic seal and a ventilation valve have been installed to prevent leakage. For the PROFI I and PROFI II a docking arm can be supplied afterwards. For other models a choice must be made between preparation or in-factory assembly.

KAWECO filling arm

To unburden the driver, KAWECO offers a large range of filling arms. Every filling arm is preferably placed on the right-hand side of the tanker, to create the shortest possible slurry route. The filling arm is available in a diameter of 8″ or 10″ and both with and without a Maxifiller (see Maxifiller description below). With the 8″ filling arm, both swivel rings are operated by means of a cylinder, yet if extra coverage is desired, the top pivot point can be fitted with a hydraulic spindle motor. In all of these options a valve is installed to ventilate the slurry arm directly after filling. This allows the slurry to flow back from the pipe faster. As an option a guillotine valve can be installed right below the maxifiller, which will seal of the filling arm entirely, meaning it will not drip. For the PROFI II a filling arm can be supplied afterwards. For other models a choice must be made between preparation or in-factory assembly.

Unloading via slurry arm

If the slurry, in combination with a high pump capacity causes foaming, the solution is to let the overflow back into the slurry pit via the filling arm. This ensures a better filling of the tanker, a larger capacity and less contamination of the farm yard.


By means of a ROTA-arm the range of the filling arm is increased and allows you to fill up both from a slurry pit and from a truck. The swivel arm is available in an 8″ a 10″ variant, which both have a swiveling range of 170⁰. For both variants, an optional drip tray can be installed at the rear of the tanker.


Especially for tankers that get slurry supplied to them, KAWECO developed an overhead 10″ swivel docking arm. This arm makes the emptying of a nursetank easy as pie. Thanks to the broad horizontal range it is possible to reach next to the tractor’s cabin. To make the arm even more flexible it can be extended up to approx. 5 meter to the side of the tanker. To be able to guarantee a high pump capacity with this considerable range, the docking arm comes with a Maxifiller. An overhead swivel docking arm can only be prepared or assembled ex-factory.

KAWECO Overhead crane arm

Especially for sucking from slurry silo’s or basins, KAWECO has developed an overhead crane arm. Thanks to the large swivel range, this crane arm has a large degree of flexibility and maneuverability. Thanks to the standard double swivels, the arm can also be used for sucking up slurry from slurry pits. To increase the range in depth, it is possible, as an option, to install a pivot in between the suction pipe and the Maxifiller. This makes it easier to guide the filling arm into deep slurry pits. For an overhead slurry arm a choice must be made between preparation or ex-factory assembly.

KAWECO Maxifiller

To make even better use of the pumping capacity of your KAWECO tank, KAWECO recommends fitting a maxi filler in most cases. This maxi filler consists of a hydraulically driven paddle wheel that pushes the slurry into the piping, reducing the under pressure on the pump side (PTW versions). This extra pump support offers many advantages that quickly pay you back your initial investment. For example, the under pressure is greatly reduced so that the pump does not have to pull the manure as intensively. This increases the service life, because wear parts such as bearings, rotors and seals are less intensively loaded. In the case of vacuum tanks (VC version), in addition to increasing the filling capacity, the maxi-filler will also increase the filling degree of the tank. This is because the manure is pressed into the tank so that it contains less air and thus fills the tank better. A maxi filler can be delivered to most KAWECO tanks.

Front axle can be extended by 750mm

As a sophisticated manufacturer when it comes to soil pressure, KAWECO offers a solution for lowering and improving the soil pressure for all of its slurry tankers. As a result, KAWECO has vast experience with shiftable axles. For all tandem and tridem tankers, KAWECO offers the option of incorporating one shiftable axle. This shiftable axle can be provided in two types, both with a 75cm extension. Depending on the type of tanker, the slurry and the working conditions, your KAWECO factory representative will be able to determine which axle is suited for your KAWECO tanker. An extendible axle can be installed with all axle suspensions.

Mobil Electronic electric-hydraulic steering system

If your KAWECO tanker has been equipped with large tires or if you opt for a larger tank volume in tandem version, we strongly recommend that you have electronic steering installed. This steering functions by means of a potentiometer on the drawbar and an electro-hydraulic valve in the Load-Sensing system. This way, no additional power is transferred to the drawbar, and you can choose from various operating programs. Electronic steering can only be installed in-factory, in combination with Load-Sensing hydraulics.

Axle lift front axle

For tandem and tridem tankers KAWECO offers the option to relief pressure on the first axle. The axle relief is provided through an additional hydraulic cylinder that is connected to the hydraulic axle suspension of the other axles. This system does not allow for the overloading of the other axles. An axle lift can only be installed on tandem or tridem tankers.

Automatic lubrication

To reduce maintenance and extended the life of the machine, we recommend fitting out your KAWECO tanker with automatic lubrication. KAWECO uses professional systems that are installed with great accuracy. An automatic lubrication system can be supplied for all KAWECO tankers.

PTG tire inflation system

If your KAWECO tanker is not only used in the field, we recommend that you opt for a tire inflation system. For this, KAWECO offers a complete, intelligent system that is suited for all tankers and applications. Depending on the desired working speed and the air chamber of the tyres, a 1000, 2000 or 4000l/min compressor is available. When it comes to the air supply, KAWECO prefers to drill through the axles. This will provide air supply from the inner rim and will provide operational reliability under any circumstances. A tire inflation system can be supplied for all KAWECO tankers. We recommend opting for in-factory preparation and drilled axles.

KAWECO Hydro Dynamic

For special conditions or if the client desires, your KAWECO tanker can be equipped with an on-board hydraulics system. For this, a PTO from the tractor will drive a load-sensing pump, which in turn drives the slurry pump. The dosage of the slurry to the slurry spreader is based on a change of the pump speed, which will cancel the standard by-pass system. On on-board hydraulics system can only be supplied ex-factory. Available on the PROFI II, III and Double Twin Shift.

KAWECO Hydro Dynamic DUAL

• The extra LS pump controls a separate Bucher block with three sections, which controls the cutting cleaner, maxi filler and distributor.
• Larger oil tank, larger return filter and a separate filter for the leakage connection.
• Lower engine speed when filling, less oil needed from the tractor.
Available on the PROFI II, III and Double Twin Shift.

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