The KAWECO PROFI CARGO  tank is distinguished by its light but stable construction. The CARGO slurry tank is extremely suitable for transporting slurry, both on the road and in the field. The modular construction makes it easy to adapt the tank to your needs.


Net content [L] : 15.600, 17.920, 19.840, 22.950, 26.150
Undercarriage : Parabolic suspension
Steering: Trailed-steered rear axle

Optimally equipped for transport

The PROFI GARCO VC is available in 16, 18, 20, 23 and 26m3. This tank has been specially developed for slurry transport. The CARGO is equipped with a high quality Battioni Pagani Ballast vacuum pump. The tank is available with several specific options to make the transport of manure as efficient as possible.

Tanker and chassis

KAWECO produces high-quality products with high reliability and optimum efficiency. When it comes to the PROFI CARGO series, this is reflected in the low center of gravity achieved by an integrated chassis with parabolic suspension. The 1st axle is equipped with a turntable, thus guaranteeing a comfortable ride. The integrated chassis provides a low and stable tank, which is specially designed for use in sloping terrain and mountainous landscapes.


The drawbar of the PROFI CARGO tanks is built with a simple and robust construction. The front axle is placed behind the turntable, which automatically creates a good weight distribution.

Pump and slurry piping VC tanker

All PROFI CARGO vacuum tanks are equipped as standard with very high quality BP vacuum pumps. The standard pumps have a compressor capacity of no less than 13,500 L/min. This capacity is realized by a rotor with 4 inclined rotor blades. The blades are cooled and lubricated by an oil drip pump. In order to further improve the cooling and to keep the capacity at the same level during the work, the pumps are standard equipped with direct air injection. When the pump is at a standstill, a special valve ensures that the vacuum is maintained.

Click here for a video of the Battioni Pagani Ballast pumps.

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