PROFI III-Serie Slurrytanker

The KAWECO Profi III tanker series offer you a large variety of complete and professional tanks for contractors and farmers. Typical for the PROFI III tankers is the sturdy, independent and twist-lock mounted chassis. This unique construction guarantees that the traction of the tractor gets transmitted to the applicator by the chassis only. This means that the tanker is only used to transport the slurry, and that the chassis is ultra-stable. All PROFI III tankers are equipped with a flow meter with speed-independent dosage through By-Pass regulation. The dosing and all other hydraulic functions are controlled by the KAWECO PREMIUM ISO-BUS on-board computer. In addition, the PROFI III is equipped as standard with a heavy KAWECO LIFTMAX PRO hitch and a Maxi Cut Stone catcher. The PROFI III is equipped for heavy-duty work!


Net contents [L]: Tandem: 16,300, 18,500, 20,260, 23,200 Tridem 23,000, 25,000, 28.000, 30,000, 32,000
Undercarriage: Hydraulic pendulum suspension, come with 2 large accumulators for optimum suspension when empty and full
Steering system: Tandem up to 20,000 = hydraulic forced steering by hydraulic cylinder on the left-hand side of the drawbar. Tandem 23,200 = Forced steering through mobile Elektronik control system. Tridem = up to 25,000 front and rear axle hydraulic forced steering. Tridem From 28,000 = hydraulic forced steering through mobile Elektronik control system.
Axle base [mm]: 1.810

Undercarriage and tanker construction

Not just the weight of the applicator but also the distance behind the tanker determines how heavy the burden on the chassis will be. With more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing and engineering, KAWECO knows how to solve these aspects. The chassis of a PROFI III tanker is the only one who’s specially constructed to transfer the lifting-power to the tractor. Because of the six twist locks the tanker is mounted to the chassis tension free. Whether the chassis undergoes traction or pressure forces, the tanker is mainly used for carrying the slurry. This is why the tanker can have a lighter construction, which will benefit the total weight of the machine.


All tankers from the PROFI III series are equipped with the heavy KAWECO Premium hitch. The hitch is fully mounted to the chassis so that there will be no force on the tanker. The lifting cylinders are adjustable in terms of pressuring and relieving pressure. Thanks to the standard control of the hitch at the back of the tanker and the link hooks to the lift bars, the attaching of an applicator is very simple.


All PROFI III tankers are equipped with a hydraulic axle suspension and a load-independent suspension system. This suspension system has two large spring accumulators that always ensure optimum suspension, whatever the weight of the machine. As an option, the front axle can relieved of pressure, both in tandems and three-axle machines. If load is taken off the axle, the other axles can never be overloaded. All PROFI III tandem tankers have hydraulic forced steering of the rear axle and the PROFI III tridem tankers are steered on the front and the rear axle (all three axles optional). The hydraulic forced steering is controlled via a cylinder on the drawbar or, as an option, via an electronic potentiometer and the standard Load sensing hydraulics.

Pump and slurry piping PTW tanker

Advantages of the PTW-tanker are: precise dosing and high filling capacity. The filling of the tank remains guaranteed, regardless of the thickness of the slurry. In addition, the filling capacity is better maintained with greater suction depth. Possible limitations of the PTW-tanker are: relatively high maintenance costs and more wear and tear. The weight of the machine is also increased by the required piping.

Slurry route and stonecatcher

Every tank of slurry that is transported or unloaded will have to be filled first. Throughout the entire process, the filling capacity mostly depends on the slurry route and on the position of the pump, the pipes and the stonecatcher. The position of a KAWECO pump is always central. In the middle, underneath the tanker. This results in the shortest possible slurry route with fewer unnecessary bends and a central distribution of the weight. With an adjustment of the pipes you can work with maximal capacity if wanted. KAWECO always uses 8″ pipes to the suction side and maximum two times 6″ to the pressure side. If the pump capacity is increased, the pipes will be larger too. Therefore, a 9,000 l/min pump always comes with a 10″ filling piping and two 8″ pipes on the pressure side. The tank gets filled by the double pipes at the pressure side because of the automatic opening of the By-Pass.

Pumps and filling arms

To unburden the driver, KAWECO offers a broad selection of filling arms for the PROFI III series. Every filling arm is preferably placed on the right-hand side of the tanker to create the shortest possible slurry route. In addition to a side filling-arm, KAWECO also provide many crane of swivel arm options. In most cases, KAWECO advises to mount a maxifiller to be able to use the highest capacity possible. This maxifiller contains a hydraulic driven vane wheel that presses the slurry into the suction pipe, which decreases the negative pressure at the pump side. The extra pump support offers many benefits. For example: the negative pressure is strongly reduced, meaning that the pump does not have to suck up the slurry as intensely. This will improve the machine’s lifespan, because parts that will wear, i.e. bearings, rotor and seals, will not be used as intensely.
Touch 800
Joystick PRO


All PROFI III tankers are operated via KAWECO premium control. This control terminal offers many, conveniently arranged options. All systems are equipped with a multifunctional joystick with 24 functions and a 5,7″ Basic Terminal. As an option, we offer an 8″ or an 11″ Touch Terminal, and the PRO joystick.

Weighing and sampling

Thanks to the unique, independent construction of the chassis and tanker all PROFI III tankers can be equipped with a weighing and sampling cabinet. The robust weighing cells are placed in between the chassis and the tanker, using a special assembly process. This way, the height of the tanker and the construction method of the slurry route will not be influenced.

Tyres, wheels and soil pressure

Thanks to the unique construction method the KAWECO PROFI III tankers are very soil-friendly. If so desired, you can opt for a tyre with a 1,800 mm diameter and a width of 800 mm (optionally up to 900 mm). These tyres ensure a larger ‘footprint’, which means the soil won’t be pressured much. To be able to make optimum use of these types, your KAWECO PROFI III can be fitted out with a tire inflation system. This system can be combined with the control computer to simplify operations.

Options for Profi III

Despite the very complete standard set-up of the Profi III tankers there are many options for equipping your KAWECO PROFI III as you like it. Think about traction-increasing options like a Top pressure cylinder or a two-compartment system. See the most common options below.

KAWECO PROFI III standard equipment

ø [mm]:• 2x ø 480
• Frontside left with automatic switching from filling to circulating and potmeter for exact tank content. Because of the automatic turn-off, the tank cannot be over pumped, but automatically switches from filling to circulating. The potentiometer within the filler gauge ensures an exact determination of the tank content.
On the PROFI III, wheel arches are fitted as standard. This allows the mounting of larger tyres with a lower center of gravity of the tank. From 18 m3 onwards, a maximum tyre height of 1800 mm is possible, e.g. a 800/60R 32 tire. Special sizes on request.  
• 6 Twist-Lock connections. The Twist-Lock mounting plates create a powerful base for a Tanker with a heavy hitch. The forces of the linkage are transferred to the chassis and thus put considerably less strain on the tank itself. A weighing and sampling can also be mounted in this way.
The heavy-duty KAWECO LIFTMAX PRO is prepared for heavy-duty work. Heavy-duty injectors as well as wide dragging feet/hose applicators can be mounted in this hitch. The maximum width of the applicator depends on the contents and therefore the length of the tank.
> Fixed lower links CAT III (width of 1,010mm)
> Mechanical adjustable toplink CAT III
> Double working lifting cylinder with ground pressure regulation system
> Lifting cylinder with damping
> Maximum lifting capacity 4.000 kg (depending on tank and injector version)
>  2 buttons on rear side of the tanker to lower or to lift the hitch
> 7-pin plug for lighting of applicator
The PROFI III is standard equipped with the most complete cutting cleaner (KAWECO Maxi Cut Premium). This to prevent the pump or distributors of the applicator from being damaged by objects in the slurry. Heavy parts remain at the bottom of the stonecatcher, and smaller parts are cut by the hydraulic cutting head with 3 blades.
• KAWECO Maxi Cut Premium 8″
> 8″ stonecatcher with integrated hydraulic driven cutter (25 l/min)
• Hydraulic axle suspension. The PROFI III is equipped with hydraulic axle suspension as standard. This makes the PROFI III comfortable on the road and in the field. In addition, it ensures a good drawbar pressure when working with heavy fertilizers. Optionally, the PROFI III can be equipped with a lift axle (three-axle) or axle relief.)
By using ISOBUS, tractors are easily connected to implements. The KAWECO ISOBUS Control makes it possible to operate the tank through the terminal of the tractor. It is also possible to use the function keys of the tractor. The tanker can also communicate with the GPS-system of the tractor, which makes it possible to close off sections. When speed-dependent dosage is required, the KAWECO ISOBUS Control should be chosen. The position of the By-Pass or the number of rotations of the slurry pump is automatically controlled on the basis of the speed and the entered target value. The KAWECO multi-functional control lever and the KAWECO Basic Terminal are standard supplied. All functions of the slurrytank can be operated via this terminal and in addition 24 functions can be assigned to the joystick. All this results in easy operation and comfortable working!  
KAWECO ISOBUS Control including:
• KAWECO multifunctional joystick with 24 functions
• Operation of automatic dosage control


Every KAWECO tank is standard equipped with a high-quality treatment. The inside is fitted with a two-component EPOXY resin. The outside is scoped and sprayed with two-component polyurethane lacquer. The standard color is KAWECO white with orange. Two RAL colors are available as an option. This treatment is many times more durable than a zinc layer and will retain its color even after years.
Filling opening with hydraulic slide on manhole (600 mm). With this filling opening one can easily fill the tank with an external pump. The hatch is equipped with a bearing work to ensure a good sealing.
Two-compartment system, to maintain drawbar pressure during application of slurry (only possible with PTW). This system ensures that optimum pressure is maintained on the drawbar during application of slurry by leaving slurry in the front chamber.
With this sight glass there is optimal visibility to see the filling level of the tank. (260x120mm) glass.
The PROFI III is equipped with hydraulic steering as standard. Heavier machines with larger tires can be fitted with electronic steering for extra maneuverability. This also applies when driving backwards a lot (coupling point 250mm on the left next to the towing point).
Preparation for hydraulic weight transfer cylinder.
The KAWECO top pressure cylinder is designed for extra driving comfort and optimum weight distribution. The cylinder can push as well as pull and can be steplessly adjusted via the ISO-BUS. This allows extra pressure to be applied to the front axle of the tractor on the road or in the field for optimum weight distribution.
• 10″ stonecatcher with integrated hydr. driven cutter
• Required hydraulic volume: 25 l / min
• Only possible with 9.000 l/min pump
A larger pump of 9,000l/min also requires a larger flow of slurry. For maximum capacity, KAWECO builds the complete suction side out of 10″ pipes starting from a 9,000 l/min pump. Also the discharge side is increased from 6″ to 8″ pipes.
This hose holder prevents bending of the 6″ hose that goes to the injector.    
For the transfer of slurry or the emptying of a silo, the PTW tank can be equipped with an extra three-way valve.
• For docking station located at the ground (slide valve mounted at stonecatcher)
• First pivot point controlled by a hydraulic cylinder
• Std. With slide valve and vent valve mounted at the end of the arm
Docking arm 8″ right with valve. The suction arm relieves you of daily work and allows you to fill up quickly and easily with a docking station.
• With extra rotation point for docking station located at the ground (slide valve mounted at stonecatcher)
• First pivot point controlled by a hydraulic cylinder
• Std. With slide valve and vent valve mounted at the end of the arm
• Filling arm right side
• First pivot point controlled by a hydraulic cylinder
• Second pivot point controlled by a hydraulic cylinder
• Std. With valve between filling arm and stonecatcher
• Max working height +/- 3.80 meters. Not suitable for docking.
The KAWECO filling-arm saves you valuable time and makes filling easier. Optionally, the filling arm can be equipped with a maxi-filler for optimum capacity.
• Filling arm right side
• First pivot point controlled by a hydraulic cylinder
• Second pivot point controlled by a hydraulic spindle motor
• Std. With valve between filling arm and stonecatcher
The KAWECO suction arm saves you valuable time and makes filling easier. The PRO version is equipped with a hydraulic spindle motor for a larger swivelling range. Optionally, the filling arm can be equipped with a maxi-filler for optimum capacity.
The andock ball is recommended in conjunction with the PRO suction arm for docking on to nursetanks. This ball replaces the standard 8″ hose (only with PRO suction arm).
• Filing arm right side
• First pivot point controlled by a hydraulic cylinder
• Second pivot point controlled by a hydraulic spindle motor
• Std. With valve between filling arm and stonecatcher
• Only in combination with 9.000 l/min pump
• Telescopic docking arm 10″, 1.400mm extendable
• One pivot operated with two hydraulic cylinders
• Std. With maxifiller
• Std. With 8″ knive valve
• One pivot point, actuated by a hydraulic cylinder
• Std. 8″ Maxi Filler
• Std. 8″ slide under the Maxi filler
• Mirrors mounted on the left and right of the front unit for road safety
• Std. Lighting for front unit
With the KAWECO FRONT-UNIT it is easy to dock to a nursetank. With the arm in front of the cabin you have perfect visibility. Also, the applicatorboom can always be folded out because you don’t have to stand sideways along the nursetank.
• Required hydraulic volume: 45 l / min
The maxi filler is recommended for thicker slurry or when the slurry has to be sucked out of a deeper cellar. The maxi filler also relieves the slurry pump, making it less vulnerable to wear and tear. In addition, the KAWECO maxi filler guarantees a faster loading process.
• The Guillotine valve will be mounted in stead of the standard valve between the filling arm and the stonecatcher. This guillotine valve ensures that the filling-arm leaks less.  
The KAWECO shift axle ensures that you drive through the same track as little as possible. This ensures minimal ground pressure and less soil damage.
A tire inflation system allows you to let pressure out of the tires when used in the field. The compressor is driven by the Load-Sensing system. Due to the large amount of oil that is required, it is often not possible to applicate and inflate at the same time.
A tire inflation system allows you to let pressure out of the tires when used in the field. The compressor is driven by the Load-Sensing system. Due to the large amount of oil that is required, it is often not possible to applicate and inflate at the same time.
The KAWECO PRO joystick enables proportional control of a suction arm. (incl. proportional hydraulic valves).
• Closed Load-Sensing system for driving (only) the manure pump
• Including ECO-Motion transmission with 2 gears + By-pass valve in tank
• Dosage by rpm sensor on the pump instead of flow meter
• All other functions on the tank are operated by Load-Sensing of tanker
The Hydro Dynamic makes it possible to spread slurry with completely variable rates. The dosage is regulated by the rotations of the slurry pump. With this system, the application rate can be quickly adjusted when, for example, working with a section-control.
• The extra LS pump controls a separate Bucher block with three sections, which controls the cutting cleaner, maxi filler and distributor.
• Larger oil tank, larger return filter and a separate filter for the leakage connection.
• Lower engine speed when filling, less oil needed from the tractor.


BKT 750/60R30.5 FL-630 SUPER STB
BKT 750/60R30.5 FL-693M Ridemax BKT 850/50R30.5 FL-693M Ridemax  
Alliance 750/60R 30.5 885 ø1680
Alliance 750/60R 30.5 A380 ø1680 Alliance 800/60R 32 A380
Alliance 800/60R 32 389 VF
Alliance 750/60R 30.5 A390 ø1670 Alliance 750/60R 30.5 A390 HD ø1670 Alliance 850/50R 30 I-390 Alliance 800/60R 32 I-390 ø1800
Trelleborg 750/60R 30.5 Twin Radial ø1670 Trelleborg 850/50R 30.5 Twin Radial
Vredestein 750/60R 30.5 Flotation Trac ø1670 Vredestein 850/50R 30.5 Flotation Trac Vredestein 800/60R 32 Flotation Trac I ø1800
Michelin 850/50R 30.5 Cargo X BIB ø1628 Michelin 750/60R 30.5 Cargo X BIB FLOTATION ø1680
Mitas 750/60R 30.5 Agriterra 03 ø1670 Mitas 850/50R 30.5 Agriterra 02 ø1625

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