Turbo tankers

The KAWECO TURBO tankers have been especially developed for agricultural businesses that require optimum capacity. Everything within the Turbo Tanker series is focused on capacity, without any compromises. The tankers stand out thanks to their special construction. The construction allows for working with a special crane arm with a broad range and an enormous pump capacity. In addition to this crane arm, this method allows for high and wide tires to be installed without raising the center of gravity or end up over 4 meters in height. The Turbo tankers are available in tandem, tridem as well as 4-axle versions. All tankers within this series are available in the HYDRO or PTO versions. KAWECO TURBO tankers have been developed to provide enormous capacity, use our experience!

Unique construction

All KAWECO Turbo tankers have a unique and well thought-out construction of chassis, tanker and options. Like the wheel arches, the chassis has been integrated directly in the tanker, which results in a tremendously stable construction. In addition, this building method offers a low center of gravity and the possibility to mount a crane arm on top of the tanker in accordance with statutory provisions. The crane arm is mounted on a special plateau, at the front of the tanker.

Two types

The basic Turbo tanker is filled by means of the centrifugal pump mounted to the crane arm, which in turn is driven by the tractor’s hydraulics. The tanker is emptied by the centrifugal pump at the front of the drawbar. This pump is driven by the PTO shaft of the tractor. This PTO system is characterized by a high capacity, simplicity and low wear. If you want to fill in a different way, and not by means of the crane arm, a Rotary lobe pump is installed in the draw bar instead of the standard centrifugal pump. Both the centrifugal pump in the crane arm and the Rotary lobe pump are operated by their own on-board hydraulics (HYDRO system) on the tanker. The on-board hydraulics increase the capacity of the filling pump to a maximum of 15,000l/min.

Crane arm with centrifugal pump technology

The High-tech KAWECO TURBO crane arm has two 6″ pipes and a rotation angle of 200 degrees. Furthermore, the last part can be extended a further 1,700 mm. This way, the tanker can be filled from a 4-meter tall silo as well as from a 3,80-meter deep slurry pit. In the HYDRO -version, the pump can fill a 25m3-tanker within 2 minutes. The tanker is vented via the crane arm, meaning that the filling is always a clean procedure, and that the tanker is always 100% filled. As an option, the tanker can be unloaded via the crane arm.

Lifting construction

The TURBO tankers with a CAT ||| hitch can be fitted out with nearly any type of slurry spreader. The linkage construction has been built in such a way that the forces are distributed directly from the lift. All tankers are mechanically prepared for the installation of a trailinghose or trailingshoe slurry injector of up to 36 meter.