KAWECO operating systems

There are three operating systems for the KAWECO tankers you can choose from. Based on KAWECO’s vast experience, the basic setting of each option is often sufficient. However, the setting can be adjusted to the client’s wishes, so that the high level of operating comfort is always guaranteed. When choosing an operating system it is important to look at future wants and needs.


When there is a demand for operating several functions, the Easy-Go offers a solution. With the KAWECO Easy-Go you can operate up to 5 tank functions with one double acting valve without the use of Load-Sensing.

This control can be used on a KAWECO PROFI I, PROFI II and Double Twin.

KAWECO Comfort operating system

If the complexity of a tanker increases, the operating system must be adjusted accordingly. The KAWECO Comfort hydraulics if perfect for use in more complex systems. By using a Load-Sensing valve block, this can easily be extended with the required number of hydraulic functions. The benefits of a Load-Sensing system are self-evident: minimum pumping round of the hydraulic oil when the system is not used, an unlimited number of applicable hydraulic functions, complex sequential logic that are easy to realize and the possibility to operate multiple functions simultaneously. This operating system can be used on KAWECO PROFI I, and PROFI II among other products.

KAWECO Premium operation

When a KAWECO tanker has to be equipped with active dosing, the tank must become “intelligent”. This means that a computer is installed on the tanker that can actively respond to changing circumstances such as driving speed, slurry flow volume and operating width. For this system KAWECO offers a fully ISO-BUS system called KAWECO premium operation.

To operate the tanker, the driver uses a joystick with 24 functions and a 5,7″ Basic terminal with colour display. In this terminal, all the necessary settings can be changed and the buttons of the joystick can be adjusted to meet the driver’s needs. In addition to operating the tanker, the computer collects data that can easily be transferred to a PC. This data can be used the check per client exactly how much and for how long the machine had been used. In addition to many standard applications the computer can be extended with section closure, GPS and a navigation system for fields. It is also possible to opt for an 8″ or 11″ touch screen terminal. The benefits of these terminals especially include the ease of operation (Touch Screen) and the possibility to view multiple applications at once (cameras combined with GPS and tanker operation).

This operating system is used in all KAWECO PROFI III, DOUBLE TWIN shift and all Turbo and Swan neck tankers.

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