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Swan neck Double Twin shift

No other slurry tanker with a similar capacity is as soil-friendly as a KAWECO DOUBLE TWIN Shift. If paired with the efficiency of a CLAAS XERION and the agility of a swan neck tanker you will have the perfect self-propelled machine.

With a volume of 21,000 litres, KAWECO manufactures the largest single-axle tanker available in the market place. Thanks to the undercarriage the soil pressure can be kept very low, despite the large volume of the tanker. KAWECO is the inventor of the DOUBLE TWIN SHIFT undercarriage which has 4 large tractor wheels in 1 single row. This gives the tanker the manoeuvrability of a single-axle slurry tanker, while it has the load capacity of a tandem axle tanker. This unique undercarriage means that injection requires a significantly lower soil pressure than a self-propelled machine. This means you can start your work sooner, and continue for longer, even in bad weather. Another major benefit is that your tractor can also be used for other work, as opposed to a self-propelled machine, which is not operational at least 6 months a year.

KAWECO DOUBLE TWIN, many wheels make light work!

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The Double Twin shift undercarriage

The KAWECO Double Twin shift undercarriage has four large wheels in a single row. The wheels on the outside can be moved to the outside. This creates an even track of tanker and tractor without having to go over the same track multiple times. Thanks to this unique build the soil life suffers minimum invasion, and the drainage of the soil is left intact. This results in fewer puddles in the field, no tracks, being able to start injecting sooner etc. The stable, extendible profiles are equipped with synthetic sliding strips, which makes the system very user-friendly. The wheels have hydraulic suspension, which provides the perfect fit with the contours of the field, as well as a balanced distribution of the weight over the 4 wheels. On the road, the hydraulic suspension provides comfortable and stable driving properties. All wheels are braked for maximum safety.

Pump and slurry route

As in every KAWECO tanker the pump takes centre stage in the swan neck Double twin shift. It is hydraulically driven by means of the power hydraulics of the Xerion, which in turn operated by the KAWECO computer. During filling this means that the power hydraulics are swivelled out to a maximum meaning that filling can take place at a minimum speed. To increase the pump capacity, it is always advised to install a maxifiller in either the slurry arm or front unit. This will not just increase the pump capacity, but also ensure less wear, thanks to a reduction of the negative pressure in the suction pipe.

During the spreading of the slurry, the dosing is based on the speed, thanks to the hydraulic adjustment of the pump speed. Thanks to 3-way valve at the back of the tanker, the slurry can be spread when turning on the headland. This creates a more direct injection of the slurry, and a better distribution during the first few meters of spreading.

Cutting chamber

To keep up the capacity of a pump, stones, feed residue and other contamination must be prevented from damaging the pump. KAWECO offers a filter chamber for every pump type/capacity with sufficient volume to sufficiently slow down the slurry flow. This allows heavier objects to sink down to the bottom of the chamber. As an option, the cutting chamber can be opened from the cabin, as a result of which these heavier objects can easily be removed. Feed residue will be shredded so that they cannot cause clogging. This cutting system uses a preloaded rotor with round mounted blades, that run across a hardox steel plate.

Slurry arms

With various types of side and swivel arms and a complete own front unit, KAWECO offers the perfect solution for every customer. Thanks to the standard 9,000 l/min pump, the slurry arms always are at least 10" in size. The standard side/swivel arm offers the possibility to suck up slurry straight from deep manure pit. As an option, they can be fitted out with a docking ball, which makes it equally easy to be docked on a truck. The top crane arm can be hydraulically extended for 1.5 meters and it can swivel up to 170⁰. This means that docking onto a truck is easy as pie, and that the overall filling process can be sped up.

The KAWECO front unit has been especially developed for filling with a very high capacity, up to 12,000 l/min, and is installed in the front lift or is permanently installed for XERION. This gives a perfect view on the slurry arm. A 10” maxi-filler and a 10” stone catcher with integrated cutter are standard elements of the front unit. The complete suction pipe is 10”.

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