About us

Soil is the most valuable mean of production. Taking care of the fertile soil with a healthy structure and soil life is the basis for crop yield and quality. At KAWECO we cherish the soil, in the interest of the Farmers of today and tomorrow.

Every machine that gets put into a field causes a load on the soil. That’s why contractors and farmers choose professional machinery, with as little impact as possible. When possible, they work with machines with a viable construction, who demand as less traction as possible, and are able to work with tires who have less impact on the soil.

At KAWECO, for 50 years we build machines who prove their value in the field. We make slurry tankers, applicators, silage wagons and wheel loaders who bring value to the field because of their outstanding technique. Reliable and efficient, in order to be able to make the right move at the right moment. In our philosophy, every machine must be serving the benefit of the field when being used. That is why KAWECO brings you more value. For the soil, for the crops and for the entrepreneur of today and future generations.

The KAWECO machines are developed in close cooperation with our customers and build according to the highest quality standard in our production facility in Hengelo (GLD). The sales of KAWECO machines is taken care of by a network of specialized dealers in Holland as well as abroad. These dealers deliver the service needed and take care of the parts-supply in order for the user of our products to be able to count on his KAWECO machine year in year out.