Much has happened since Royal Reesink’s acquisition of STAJA in August 2017. We are seeing a clear growth in demand for professional manure processing. We are now reaping the rewards of the KAWECO policy adopted over the past few years.

The KAWECO strategy implemented by Kamps de Wild – which involves increasing our focus, strengthening the team, balancing the product portfolio and making the sales process more efficient – has resulted in a strong growth in sales.

To take KAWECO even further, at both a national and international level, there is decided to integrate KAWECO sales activities with production operations, and bring them under Reesink Production BV. The Kamps de Wild sales team, which has been located in Hengelo, Gelderland since January 2018, will be merged with the production team. Combining expertise in this way will help to meet the demand for KAWECO products more efficiently.

From January 1st 2019, engineering, construction, assembly, sales, warranty, servicing, and parts will fall under Reesink Production, led by Nico Rekswinkel.

From January 1st, Kamps de Wild will be shifting its focus entirely to distributing CLAAS and AMAZONE.