The OPTI-JECT injector series is a high quality product entirely developed and produced in the Netherlands. Thanks to years of experience in manure injection, KAWECO is perfectly capable to translate the farmer’s needs into a perfect injector. The simple and light fertilizer therefore satisfies a large range of entrepreneurs. The element is made of plastic bearing bushes so that the injector nearly requires any maintenance. The compression spring ensures that the machine follows the soil entirely together with the 30 cm bolt discs. The soil-following element ensures an excellent result. Available in working widths of 5.60, 6.40, 7.20 and 8.00 meters, KAWECO supplies a series of injectors for the dairy farmer and contractors. Important aspects for this series are manure quality, light weight and simplicity. The combination of a few unique constructive solutions creates a machine that offers the perfect solution for both contractor and dairy farmer.


Working width [m]: 5,60, 6,40, 7,20 en 8.00
Disks ø [mm]: Casted ø300
Row distance [cm]: 20 cm
Distributor: KAWECO SV 40
Amount of elements: 5.60 = 14 / 6.40 = 16 / 7.20 = 18 / 8.00 = 20
Transportation lock: Automatic transportation lock with hydraulic cylinders and springs.
Transportation width: 2850 cm
Closure: Mechanical (Optional hydraulic)


The compression spring system with the 2 bolt discs of 30 cm makes sure the manure gets inserted into the ground. Because of the suspension in plastic bushings the element is able to move a few degrees in comparison to the main frame. The large disks make sure the machines gets pulled across the soil easily. With the mechanical or hydraulic closers working precisely is guaranteed.

Injector Feet

KAWECO specially developed injector feet with an extra deep curve on the bottom of the foot. This curve points in the direction of travel so the manure gets injected perfectly into the soil. This avoids manure splashing up once it makes contact with the soil. A steel finger assembled ahead of the injection foot ensures that crop pollen can’t come in contact with the injector foot. This avoids any contamination. Assembling the manure hose directly on the foot creates a injector foot without edges. This makes clogging nearly impossible.


All the KAWECO OPTI-JECT injectors are made with a KAWECO SV distributor. All the distributors work with grinding and rotating blades that run over a hard steel plate. This principle makes sure that because of the aggressive cutting perfect distribution is guaranteed. The KAWECO OPTI-JECT is made with one horizontal distributor with multiple exits.

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