Meet the future of slurry technology PROFI III Gen. 2

Years of experience in slurry technology and a forward-looking view of the future led KAWECO to desire a pump system with a high capacity and low wear pattern. A self-priming centrifugal pump soon proved to be the best solution. This does not require an additional vacuum or rotary lobe pump to supply the centrifugal pump with slurry. In short: a self-sufficient system without the use of an additional pump. Meet the future of slurry technology: the PROFI III Gen. 2.

Unprecedented pumping capacity

A centrifugal pump needs supply of fluid to pump. In many cases, this is achieved by fitting an additional vacuum or rotary lobe pump. The result is: higher costs and more maintenance. The PROFI III Gen. 2 is a complete self-priming system. The centrifugal pump thus functions without the use of an additional pump. A sophisticated slurry route combined with a powerful centrifugal pump ensures a capacity of 15 m3 per minute.

Manoeuvrable and flexible

Steering of the axle(s) is done by the so-called gyroscope steering. Here, determining the steering angle is done via the gyroscope principle. This eliminates the need for a steering rod between tractor and tanker. In short: a reliable system that can be used for any tractor.

Clean design

In developing the PROFI III Gen. 2, much attention was paid to the design and finish of the machine. A characteristic feature is the flat covers on the front and rear of the tank. The hydraulic box offers protection and provides a neat finish to the hydraulic block. All in all, a machine with a compact design and a modern look.

Powerful hitch

A suitable injector is very important to make the spreading process as good and efficient as possible. The lifting capacity is in many cases the limiting factor here. With a lifting capacity of 9 tonnes, attaching even the heaviest slurry injectors is no problem at all.

Clear operation

The machine is ISO-BUS-controlled as standard. It can be operated entirely via the tractor terminal and/or joystick. As with all KAWECO machines, the simple and clear layout of the terminal is an important starting point here. The machine also features active slurry dosing as standard.

Agritechnica 2023

The PROFI III Gen.2 will be on display for the first time at the Agritechnica in Hannover. Be welcome at stand C30 in hall 22. We will be happy to talk to you!


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