Placed on: 06/01/17

Due to the ever-stricter slurry legislation, farmers across Europe are forced to handle their slurry ever more efficiently. As the Netherlands are at the forefront of this development, KAWECO is confronted with the related problems on a daily basis. The current weighing and sampling system on slurry tankers, for example, only provide information afterwards. This means that chemical slurry has to be injected more and more often, in order to achieve the correct, specific fertilisation. In collaboration with Eijkelkamp and MUT Electronics KAWECO developed a NIR-Sensor system to be able to directly measure important fertiliser components. Eijkelkamp will apply this technology in all fertiliser transport modes. In doing so, KAWECO will focus on location-specific fertilisation.

At the moment, a special PILOT project has been carried out with some KAWECO tankers fitted out with an NIR sensor. Ask your KAWECO factory representative for more information about these specific machines.