The PRO-JECT injector series is a high-grade product that has been developed and manufactured in the Netherlands. Thanks to years of experience in slurry injection, KAWECO is perfectly capable for translating the needs of the contractor into a perfect slurry injector. The hinges suspended in rubber create an injector element that hardly requires any maintenance and that follows the soil entirely. This guarantees lower maintenance costs, a greater capacity, less contamination of the turf and a well-balanced growth.

Available in the operating widths 7.20, 8.70 and 12.00 meter the range of KAWECO injectors are suitable for major dairy farms and contractors. Important highlights of this ranges are injection quality, maintenance costs and capacity. By applying a number of unique construction solutions, we have created a machine that offers the perfect solution, both for the contract worker and for the dairy farmer.


Working width [m]: 7.20 / 8.70 / 12.00
Discs ø [mm]: Cast ø350
Row distance [cm]: 7.20 & 8.70 = 18 cm / 12.00 = 22 cm
Number of distributors / type: 7.20 = KAWECO SV 40 horizontal / 8.70 & 12.00 = 2x KAWECO SV 24 vertical
Number of elements: 7.20 = 20 / 8.70 = 24 / 12.00 = 27
Transport lock: Automatic transport lock with hydraulic cylinders and springs.
Incline correction: Moveable seat with hydraulic transport lock

The PRO-JECT element

Two parallel arms suspended in rubber elements provide great flexibility of the arm as well as an equal distribution of the soil pressure. The main frame is suspended with a similar rubber element. Thanks to this flexible suspension the entire element can move several degrees, relative to the main frame. The conical bearings have been installed in between the disk and the main element, which create a larger cross section. This prevents an accumulation of material between the main element and the disc. The large diameter of the cast steel slurry discs ensures a perfect cut in the soil, for a proper slurry injection and minimum damage to the turf.

Injector feet

The injector foots that were especially designed for KAWECO have an extra deep bend right at the bottom, which means the slurry can be injected in the driving direction. This prevents the slurry from splashing up as soon as it hits the ground, meaning the slurry will neatly end up in the groove. A special hard steel finger in front of the injector foot ensures that the crop clumps will not hit the exterior injector foot, which could cause contamination. Installing the hose straight in the injector foot results in slurry injection without collars, which means that clogging is all but impossible.

Slurry distributors

All KAWECO PRO-JECT slurry injectors have been equipped with a KAWECO SV distributor. All distributors have been fitted out with self-sharpening and rotating blades that run over a hardox steel plate. This principle ensures aggressive cutting and an excellent distribution, whatever the intake.

The KAWECO PRO-JECT 720 is fitted out with a single horizontal distributor with 49 injectors. The distributor is hydraulically driven and at the same time a double grease cord seal is fully protected.

The KAWECO PRO-JECT 870 and 1200 have been fitted out with vertical distributors with 25 injectors per distributors. Thanks to the relatively small content, the distributor is filled faster, as a result of which a more exact distribution in the longitudinal direction can be guaranteed. The positioning of the distributor on both foldable arms also results in a more equal length of the injector hoses.

KAWECO Disc bearings

The bearings of the slurry discs are fully sealed off and lubricated for their entire operational life. The new sealing unit is equipped with a unique double seal for exceptional sealing properties. Thanks to this system the bearing can do without grease nipples, so that users can benefit from lower service costs and time savings, as the slurry bearings do not have to be greased after every use.

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