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RADIUM silagewagen

The well-known KAWECO RADIUM silage wagon was renewed in 2019. As before, the RADIUM 2 is available in 4 types, including three two-axles (245, 250, 255) and one three-axle (260). The KAWECO RADIUM 2 stands for the familiar quality in a new look. Higher unloading speed The RADIUM 2 has been renewed in a number of details. The unloading speed has been considerably increased to 23.9 m/min. The drive of the conveyor chain has also been adapted, for example, drive boxes have been fitted on both sides of the new RADIUM wagon. The nesting wheels and chains are also of a heavier type in order to guarantee the extremely high breaking load. This means faster unloading on the pit, which leaves more time to compact the silage. Less rolling resistance The dimensions of the RADIUM 2 have been changed in such a way that the wagon can easily be fitted with R30.5 tires and still remains under 4 meters total height including cover. In this way, the wagon has a lower rolling resistance and runs more easily over the land or the pit. In addition, this results in low ground pressure and less soil damage. Proven principle The construction method of the RADIUM 1 is still reflected in the new type. RADIUM 1 has proven itself as a reliable partner in the grass and maize harvest for more than 25 years. Harvesting without worries! Conical construction To make unloading even quicker, the RADIUM wagons are fitted with a Conical superstructure. This successful construction method has proven itself over the past 25 years. The superstructure is built with Twist-Locks on the chassis. In this way the tractive force of the tractor is transferred to the superstructure as little as possible. Optimal driving comfort The new RADIUM, with its slim drawbar, is a pleasure for the driver, the construction greatly enhances driving comfort. The RADIUM is maneuverable and stable on the road and in the field. The long drawbar is built under the chassis and equipped with plastic (or hydraulic) damping. Comfortable on the road, maneuverable in the yard!