In early 2019, Reesink Production began production of the KAWECO shovel. As is well known, the concept was taken over from the Quappen company at the time. After having produced the Quappen model for over two years, we now come up with a fully developed and produced KAWECO shovel of our own. To meet the current emission requirements, a Stage 5 diesel engine is mounted in the new model.

Spearheads in the development of the new shovel were: new Stage 5 engine, renewed drive concept, improved cabin, larger wheelbase and a hydraulic system with a large cooling capacity. After many hours of development and extensive testing, there is now a new mini shovel that fully meets the expectations of the end users.

The type designation KW 25-27 refers to the operating weight of 2500 kg and an engine output of 27 kW. The Yanmar engine with Diesel Particle Filter delivers a flat torque curve, ensuring that there is always sufficient power available. Comfort Inching is available as an option, in which an engine speed is set and the accelerator pedal is used as the driving pedal. This can also be expanded with a cruise control function. In addition to the KW 25-27, a smaller, mechanically driven engine with an output of 19 kW is also available.

The wheelbase on the new machine has been increased to 1575 mm. Besides better stability, this results in a higher tipping load and an increased lifting capacity. The KW25-27 has a lifting capacity of 2295 kg and a tipping load of 3060 kg. As with the Quappen shovels, two steering cylinders are used. In combination with the larger wheelbase, this ensures maximum stability.

The Automotive ECO-drive gives the shovel an idle speed of 800 rpm and a ground speed from 1100 rpm. The standard 51 litre/min hydraulic pump provides sufficient working hydraulics at a relatively low engine speed. This saves fuel and ensures that the machine runs smoothly. A larger oil pump is available as an option. Due to the new drive concept, a maximum traction force of 2300 kg can be achieved.

The improved kinematics ensure perfect levelling and a good tipping angle of the attachments. The new type has a EURO connection just like the old one. Other connections are optionally available.

A unique and distinctive feature of the new KAWECO shovel is the standard cabin suspension. The cabin suspension is mounted on four different places under the cabin. At the rear of the cabin the aggressiveness can be adjusted. Driving comfort is greatly improved by this unique feature. The new machine is standard equipped with the Headguard, which is an open cab. Optionally, a hinged cabin roof is available so that buildings with a low ceiling remain accessible. In addition to the hinged cab roof, a closed cab is also available. Furthermore, the cabin can be tilted sideways for optimal accessibility during maintenance. To ensure good visibility when the boom is in the high position, an open roof has been constructed. Despite the good visibility, the safety of the driver is always guaranteed. The various cabins are therefore ROPS / FOPS approved.

Besides the KW25-27 and KW25-19, more models will follow. The Tele- and Infra-variant will also be available on the new KAWECO shovel on a reasonable term. Furthermore KAWECO is busy with the development of smaller and larger models as well as electrification.

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