From 05.06 to 10.06 the annual CLAAS practical manure handling days took place in Rackwitz. During these days the contractors invited could test the CLAAS XERION tractors with mounted or trailed slurry injection equipment.

KAWECO presents a XERION 4000 SADDLE TRAC with slurry tank and front pump unit and a GOOSE NECK DOUBLE TWIN SHIFT. The GOOSE NECK DTS tank was used for demo sessions and once again convinced many customers!

In Germany soil compression and minimising slurry emission were also a major issue during these days. During the demo sessions may customers concluded, that the principle of the DOUBLE TWIN SHIFT was the best solution here. A 4-meter wide track that was only driven once and a significant lower tire pressure compared to the direct competitors were very appreciated by many customers. Also by turning on the headland the benefits of the COOSE NECK and the DOUBLE TWIN SHIFT chassis were obvious. Without wringing on the headland the XERION could almost be placed perpendicular to the tank to fertilise immediately the next tracks. For spreading the slurry with minimal emission the GOOSE NECK DOUBLE TWIN SHIFT was equipped with a 6 meter Väderstad disc harrow with packer roller and slurry distributor.

An additional new development on the GOOSE NECK DOUBLE TWIN SHIFT is the fact, that these tanks are now available with a maximum overall width within 3 meters. This will greatly simplify the admission in many German federal states.

For more information about the KAWECO solutions for the XERION or the 3 meter overall width of the DOUBLE TWIN SHIFT contact your local area sales manager or look at…