KAWECO, known for slurry technology, silage wagons and wheel loaders, has a large dealer network in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. Since this year, France also joins this list.

Dealer Claas Brittany had previously been active in slurry technology and was looking for a strong partner for trailed tankers and self-propelled tankers. Partly due to its experience with the CLAAS XERION SADDLE TRAC with KAWECO tank and its complete product range, the company soon found itself with KAWECO. Claas Brittany is divided into Claas Brittany Nord and Claas Brittany Sud. In total, the company has seven locations across Brittany.

Dealer company Claas SM3 was also looking for a new partner last year. This company was less active in slurry technology until now but foresees a growth in demand for professional slurry technology in the coming years. The large area where SM3 operates has a lot of potential when it comes to selling slurry technology. Partly because of this, the company decided to partner with KAWECO.  Claas SM3 has a total of 17 locations spread throughout the Normandy region.

To introduce both dealerships to KAWECO machines and the company behind them, KAWECO field days were organised in June. Sales representatives and potential customers were welcome to view the machines and see them in action in the field. In addition, both dealerships are busy demonstrating a trailed KAWECO tanker.

KAWECO’s customer-oriented attitude enables French entrepreneurs to put together a machine that perfectly suits their needs. Through suitable, good machines and development in the dealer network, KAWECO is betting on a larger market share in France. In addition, the company hopes for a long-term relationship with both dealerships.