Following the growing demand from the market for a simple system that is ISO-BUS compatible, KAWECO launches a new operating system. The Easy Bus system is a simple variant of the extensive ISO-BUS PREMIUM.

The KAWECO Easy Bus system is easy to use with a tractor terminal or separately supplied monitor. The system is based on the Load-Sensing system from KAWECO with joystick control. All functions of the tank can be controlled with a touch screen or F-function of the tractor. The system standardly comes without terminal and is meant for integration in the tractor terminal.

Starting and stopping applicating/filling is done with a preset sequence. This means that you only need to use one button at a time to start applicating or filling. The suction arm and other functions can be easily assigned to an F-button on the tractor or to an optional joystick.

The Easy Bus system differs from the ISO-BUS PREMIUM system in its simplicity. It has fewer sensors, and no flow meter is supplied as standard. This means a simple yet complete way of operating via the tractor ISO-BUS. The advantage of the system lies in the simplicity of operation and the fact that there is no need to install a separate terminal in the tractor.

Do you have any questions about the new control system? Please ask your KAWECO dealer or representative.


PROFI II.18 PTW Easy Bus
PROFI II.20 PTW Easy Bus