KAWECO KW 37 wheel loader

KAWECO wheel loaders: more value for your business. Relieve your daily workload, work faster and more efficiently with help of a reliable wheel loader. A robust, compact construction, impressive manoeuvrability and stability are characteristic of KAWECO loaders. KAWECO wheel loaders are small loaders with a particularly high lifting capacity in relation to their own weight. The KAWECO wheel loaders are available in various capacities, from 25 to 55 hp. This makes the wheel loaders flexible for various target groups. The KAWECO wheel loaders are used by governments, in garden and landscape technology, in the infrastructure and at agricultural businesses. The stable and powerful construction makes the wheel loader an ideal aid for any type of operation.


KAWECO offers various sizes of wheel loaders for every type of use at your company. The following types are available: KW 20, KW 25 and KW 37. The wheel loaders are available in the weight class 1.9 to 3.8 tonnes. The type designation stands for the weight including the bucket. The KW 20 is the smallest of the series of wheel loaders. With its 25 HP it is nevertheless a powerful help for your company! With the KW20 you can easily get into any stable. The KW 25 is in the middle of the series, heavily built and yet multi-functional due to its manoeuvrability. The KW 37 is the largest in the series. The loader is heavily built for the most challenging work at your company. The KAWECO wheel loaders are fully equipped as standard. All wheel loaders, for example, are equipped with a towbar with a ball coupling. This makes the KAWECO loader versatile. Characteristics of the KAWECO wheel loaders: – Models from 25 HP to 55 HP – Standard with EURO connection and hydraulic lock – Third function on frontside – Open cabin (ROPS/FOPS) – Flat cabin floor – Adjustable steering column with digital meters – Double stability due to two steering cylinders – Robust and compact design – Protective powder coating – Combined drawbar coupling with ball coupling – 2 working lights on the boom – 1 working light on the rear


Two-hand operation for choice between quick change and 3rd function (push button instead of ball valve).

4th Function operated over joystick instead of lever.

Mudguard widening set (front and rear).

Cabin incl. lighting, heating, door left, sliding window right.

Suspended seat with 2 armrests and headrest.


Tires 31*15.50-15 BKT Trac Master (lawn/garden), 405 mm width, Ø810 mm, machine width 1.515 mm.

Tires 19.0/45-17 BKT AS504 (tractor profil), 465 mm width, Ø865 mm, machine width 1.585 mm.

Tires 15.0/55-17 BKT AS504 (tractor profil), 380 mm width, Ø890 mm, machine width 1.510 mm.

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